[F] One too many Ctrl+Delete produces runtimeerror

I've been seeing this since I started using Mp3tag (somewhere around 2.30):

When editing tags via Extended Tags..., I use Ctrl+Delete to delete words right to the cursor. If I press Ctrl+Delete when there are no more words to delete, I get this error and have to press OK to continue:

Mp3tag v2.36d
Runtime Error

File:    .\sedit.cpp
Line:    122

The application encountered an unexpected exception
and is in an undefined state. Please close the application and
send the file

C:\Profiles\Administrator\Application Data\Mp3tag\Mp3tagError.log

and a detailed error description to our support staff.

eMail: .......@mp3tag.de

I attach the log file.

Thanks to Florian and all contributors for Mp3tag!

Mp3tagError.log (1.57 KB)

I canot reproduce this here with the latest development build.

Just tried on another machine with the same setup (XP Pro SP2 English + Mp3tag 2.36d) and it's the same. Here are the exact steps:

  • Select file/files
  • Alt+T
  • Down Arrow, to highlight a tag
  • F2
  • Place the cursor anywhere in the Value box
  • Depress Ctrl+Delete for a while (that is, until all words to the right of the cursor have been deleted, and the extra delete command is issued)

btw, I checked to see if Ctrl+Backspace has the same problem, but this works fine.

Aha! If you move the cursor to the beginning and really delete everything, I don't get the error. However, if you move the carret to the middle of the text and start deleting, the error indeed appears. The "trick" is to have some words on the left side of the cursor.

This should be fixed with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,

It is! Thanks, Florian!

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