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after Copying album Art from a Website. the paste cover in Mp3Tag does not seem to work. The add cover from File works.

I tried to Copying it from the web into Irfanview, and there it works.


Can you write more in more detail what you do? (what browser, exact steps..)

Hi Dano,

i tried it with Firefox and IE 6, both give the same result

Go to a website like google image search. Find the album art i look for, click to see the full size image if i like it, then I select right click Copy Image.

Then I switch over to Mp3Tag

Select The Song I want and in the Album Art Cover Box, I right Click and select Paste and nothing happens.

In the Non Beta Version this worked.


Ps: In The V2.39P version It only works if the file already has Album Art embedded and if you select Remove Cover (to remove the original Cover) and Then select Paste to add the new cover. Or if you paste Art Cover then, it will add a Second Art Cover and you have to remove the original one.

This is how it's supposed to work.

If the file already has embedded cover art, a second album cover will be added. If the file has no embedded cover art, pasting the cover from the clipboard results in one album cover within the file's tag.

Hi Florian,

You are completely right, but the issue is, that if the file has no embedded cover art, pasting the cover from the clipboard does not results in one album cover within the file's tag with version V2.39P


Yes the cover is not added if there isn't already one and if no cover from the folder is displayed.

Pasting Artwork with a song with No Album Art or if no cover from the folder is
displayed used to work in V2.39

So is this a bug in V2.39P ?

Definitely. I'll fix it to the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

This has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.40.

Confirmed with Mp3tag v2.40.

Thx Florian


I have version v2.41 and it seems that it's impossible to paste artwork if the files are oggs.
When I convert them to mp3 it works.
But it's a waste to do that, don't you think?
(or am I doing something wrong?)

Ahum. It's me again. :wacko:
Just realised what the problem might be:
is it because your program is called "Mp3tag" and not "Oggtag"?
Sorry! (mea culpa, mea culpa) :rolleyes:

Mp3tag can tag many audio formats including ogg vorbis
But currently there's no support for embedded covers in ogg files

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