[F] Placeholder %_md5audio% does not like Vorbis

The %_md5audio% placeholder since exist in MP3Tag, does not work with ogg files. The checksum will differ on any tag change, even if tag size remain. (I did not test other types at this time.)

Yes, it only works with audio formats that have the tag prepended or appended to the actual audio data.

I guess I have to be more clear about that in the help file or even don't evaluate this placeholder on unsupported audio formats.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Kind regards,

I've changed this feature as described above with Mp3tag v2.45b.

I just hoped, it will work anytime. Would be very-very useful. Heard so sorry to reject developing that feature.

I'm not code-expert, I don't know technical details about tags and file formats. But I think, media players also have to find the first "musical" bit, have to decide anyway which bits make music, while others are noise, just litter to play. When you write Vorbis tag, you should do the same, otherwise make a big mass from musicfile, I think.

So difficult to ignore some bytes before Vorbis tag?

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