[F] Potential APPDATA path problems

It seems to me that the path to %APPDATA% folder, where you store the Mp3tag settings for the current user, is checked only upon installation of the program and then it is assumed to be always the same ... if it is so, it may be the cause of my problems on our machines whith roaming profiles. The path to the %APPDATA% folder is namely

either (Win2003srv CZ) ... C:\Documents and Settings<username>.\Data aplikací
or (WinXP CZ) ... C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Data aplikací

so the place where the application data is stored is not always the same. However, on the server, I'm still getting "C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Data aplikací\Mp3tag" being created (the installation on the workstation is the most recent one).

EDIT: One point where this problem demonstrates itself is the freedb query ... I have now 2.35p on all machines and on all machines the program looks for "freedb.src" in C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Data aplikací\Mp3tag\data\freedb.src - even if my profile directory is actually C:\Documents and Settings<username>. on some of them ...

This problem should be resolved since Mp3tag v2.37.

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