[F] Problem after remove filter-expression from history

To remove a single filter-expression from history you first have to select it and then remove it.
When you select it the filter expression filters the loaded files.
After removing the expression from history the filter field is empty but the filter is still effective.
You have to start to define a new filter or select one from history to make the filter inactive again.

Or you press F3 to disable the filter altogether.
I can confirm that a deleted filter (Shift-Del) does not refresh the files list whereas every other keystroke does.

Can you please confirm if the filter field is really empty after deleting the item from the history?

Yes, it is empty as soon as I delete the filter from history.

If you press F3 the filter is disabled. If you press F3 again the filter with the deleted filter is active again.

OK, thanks. Which version of Windows are you using?

Windows 8.1 Porofessional
Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium

Both the same behaviour.

This should now be fixed with Mp3tag v2.66.

Kind regards

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