[F] Problem displaying .m4a files encoded with Apple Lossless

Hi Florian,

Thanks for developing an excellent program in Mp3tag. I am running the latest version v2.42. I have discovered a problem displaying .m4a's that were encoded in Apple Lossless format. The files were originally in flac format. Mp3tag displays all pieces of the flac tag correctly. The flacs were converted with dBpoweramp to .m4a encoded with Apple Lossless codec. I know the tags were presevered by dBpoweramp when the flacs were converted. dBpoweramp displays the entire tag when you hold your mouse over any audio file. The tags are correct. Itunes also reads the .m4a Apple Lossless tags correctly.

This is the problem that Mp3tag is having. All columns display correctly from left to right until we reach the Codec column, it is blank. The Bitrate column displays "kBit/s". The Frequency column displays "Hz" and the Length displays "00.00". It would appear that some sort of shift has occurred. I have attached a zip file with a picture showing the problem. The first row in the picture is the flac file and the second row is the .m4a-(Apple Lossless) If you need sample files then I can provide them. Thanks for your support...

Mp3tag.zip (94.8 KB)

I have the same problem using v2.42h.

It won't let me edit any .m4a Apple Lossless files at all, even though they are not 'read-only'. No tags show up even though there are indeed tags in the files as confirmed by foobar and winamp. The length shows as 00:00.

I've tried about 10 different m4a Apple Lossless files and they all exhibit the same behavior.

This is a different problem than the one from gsouders (which will be fixed soon btw). I don't know what causes the problem but it would be helpful if you would open a dedicated topic, describe the problem and provide an example file if possible.

Thanks Florian,

I will await the fix.

This should now be fixed with Mp3tag v2.43.

Hi Forian,

Thanks for the quick fix on that one. I have tested V243 and it works perfectly.

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