[F] Problem with renaming file using illegal character

I have an action that renames a file using tracknumber and title.

First, copy %title% to %tmp_title%

Then Replace several illegal characters in this string, for example:
/ -> " - "
: -> "-"
? -> ""

Then rename the file:

Format value
Format string: $num(%track%,2) %tmp_title%

I didn't handle every possible illegal Windows filename character in my Replace actions, so when Mp3tag encountered an asterisk in a track title (Track title is "F.I.N.E.*"), it thought it renamed the file with the asterisk. After running the action group, Mp3tag shows the filename as

02 F.I.N.E.*

which is impossible.

If I had selected all files (as I usually do) Mp3tag leaves all of them selected, including the one that doesn't exist. Trying to run an action on the group of files afterward throws an error. If you unselect all and then try to select the non-existent one, then Mp3 tag shows all blank fields.

Can you reproduce this with v2.41c?

Bug marked as Fixed.

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