[F] Refreshing of _file_mod_date


I would like to report the lack of refreshing of value in the _file_mod_date

For example:
1] I have "Song.MP3" created on 2010-01-01 on my loaded list
2] I convert it on the fifth of may of the year 2015 [2015-05-05] to .WAV
3] I convert it back to .MP3; thus overriding the old version
4] I refresh with CTRL + T that .MP3 file
5] I see the new version- but with old date 2010-01-01 [instead of 2015-05-05]

What does the Explorer report about the date during that procedure?


Created: 2010
Accessed: 2010
Modified: 2010


Created: 2010
Accessed: 2010
Modified: 2015

Also it does not refresh when I select it in Windows Explorer, drag it with CTRL and drop on the list. But if I drop it without CTRL, then of course it has the new correct date [because it is loaded and not refreshed]

[Refresing list of files in Explorer, before refreshing in Mp3tag, doesn't help]

I can reproduce the behaviour:
Ctrl-T does not refresh the display of the modification date although the file properties show something different in WIndows Explorer. (You have to manipulate the file outside MP3tag, internal saves and modifications lead to a re-read of the file and therefore update of the displayed data in MP3tag.)

Unfortunatelly, this hasn't yet been fixed, with the 2.70 release

I can confirm: this has been fixed for time now

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