[F] Remove duplicate fields not working as expected

I used the action "Remove duplicate fields" however no matter how many times I go through all my list, nothing gets updates -> 0 files out of xxx.

I tried appending this action to another batch action already in the list -> still not working.

However if I look in the "Extended Tags" I do find multiple Metadata duplicate fields (TITLE, ALBUM, ...)

Is there something I'm not doing right? Or is this something that should be fixed?...

This is definitely a bug which I'll fix to the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

I found what seems to cause this issue. Since the MP3TAG program uses the "\\" to create "virtual duplicate fields" they are not yet considered "real". For this reason the Remove Duplicate Fields doesn't work.

Well, at least I just found a workaround in the mean time:

  • Since "\\" will be used only to create those "virtual duplicate fields", I can run through all my Tags separately with a "Replace with regular expression" using "\\.*" (without the quotes).
  • Once all field modifications were done -> Click "Save". (***This is important, it will force the creation of the single tag field for all files)

Also I recommend doing this "Replace with regular expression" on each Tag Fields needed separately, the "_TAG" and "_ALL" don't seem to work for this workaround. (After the first occurance found it seems to skip all other Tag Fields afterwards... so far... but I didn't research deep on that :stuck_out_tongue: )

No, the bug is mainly caused by a change of the internal data structure that is used to represent metadata.

It will be fixed so that you don't have to apply exotic actions on your files.

Thanks a bunch, they don't make softwares any better than this one so it's greatly appreciated.

***BTW, I like the "exotic actions" part hehe, that's one I'll be using in the future :smiley: .

This should be fixed with the current Development Build v2.40a.

Kind regards,

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