[F] Rename bug

When renaming using 'Action - Case conversion' menu on filename and title of mp3 files, for certain filenames a dialog occurs when trying to rename the filename. The dialog is presented for the user to verify the file name, but pressing OK in the dialog will only bring the dialog back with the same file name suggestion (infinite loop). Clicking Cancel in the dialog will cause the filename to remain unchanged.

It seems mp3tag is unable to rename a file when the first character of a word in the filename is to be "upper cased" and the first character in the word is either æ, ø or å. It is not a problem when changing case on the title, only on the filename.
As long as the æ, ø or å is positioned inside a word (so that no case change is to be performed on it) it works great.

Any ideas?

Doesn't happen here. "æsf ø Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!.mp3" can be successfully converted to "ÆSF Ø ABBA - GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!.MP3" or "Æsf Ø Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!.mp3".

Did you try with the latest development build?

I now tried the latest dev build, ver 2.35l. The problem has almost been solved there. The 'Action - Case conversion' feature now works properly.
However, trying to change the filename manually by editing the filename column still causes an error. Trying this with a file named 'Øystein Sunde - Kjekt å Ha.mp3' gives the following error:

File with filename 'Øystein Sunde - Kjekt å Ha.mp3' already exists!
Skipped file 'Øystein Sunde - Kjekt å Ha.mp3'.

This only happens when I try to rename the file to 'Øystein Sunde - Kjekt Å Ha.mp3', i.e changing 'å' to 'Å'. This also happens when doing it to other files with for example 'ö' to 'Ö' etc.

So the latest version is better but still not quite there :slight_smile:

OK, this is something that I can confirm as well.

Thanks for reporting! I'll fix that to the next release.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Fixed :slight_smile:

Tested and it works great now.
Excellent! :laughing:

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