[F] Renamed File out of MP3Tag causes crash

I've found a Bug:
If I load for ex. the folder "z:\Music" into MP3 Tag, then it displays for ex. the File "test.mp3"
This works fine.
Then I rename the File "z:\Music\test.mp3" into "z:\Music\test1.mp3" with the Windows Explorer.
But then, when I do a click in the file list of MP3Tag on the enty test.mp3, then MP3Tag crashes.

Its better to show a warning, that the file doesn't exists anymore and the option to delete the entry from the list.


Can you reproduce it with the current Development Build?

Edit: If so, please also post the file type of the renamed file.

Excuse me for my late answer.
Now I've tested it with the new Version 2.42 and there it works, how it should:
It shows the Error and didn't hung up.

Mp3tag v2.42

Auf die Datei D:\test.mp3 kann nicht zugegriffen werden.


Which means:
Can't access to file D:\test.mp3.


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