[F] Runtime Error with v2.76


Unfortunately, after installing the new version over the 2.75 [and also inserting to it my old CFG file and data / export folder], I get this error

But my Mp3tagError.log is empty


What do you mean by

Did you manually copy it?
The ordinary install usually leads to a working version.


I did some experiments and identified a potential issue. Can you check again with this version?


For anyone who also encounters the issue and finds that this updated version provides a valid fix (or also if not) – it would be great if you could write a message (either here on the forums or via email).

Kind regards
– Florian


From some time now, I manually delete data and export folders a CFG file. So that I can be sure, I have inserted to new version all of my old settings

But I get this error even if I don't do this

The 2.75 works for me

The problem remains. [And as previous, I didn't reset my system, because I can't do that right now]

But if I uninstall 2.76 / 2.76a and go back to 2.75 [even without the restart], I no longer get that error

I'll send you new log via PM


Thanks for your feedback! Can you please try again with this internal version


Kind regards
– Florian


This version seems to be working a-OK


Great! Thanks for testing – I'll release an official fixed version soon.

Kind regards
– Florian


This issue is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.77

Kind regards
– Florian


Yes, this version is working OK