[F] Saving Configuration Utility


I am not sure if it's a problem but the "saving configuration" utility seems to create a mp3tag.reg that has some problem:

All the strings key are not saved as string but only the 1st charater is saved as it's ASCII code and the rest of the string is lost :unsure: .

Actual Registy key:

"ConvTTF"="$if($not(%artist%),,%artist% - )$if($not(%album%),,%album% - )$if($not($num(%track%,2)),,$num(%track%,2) - )%title%"

is saved as

"ConvTTF"="36" (36 is ASCII code of '$')

This seems not related to the last V2.32t version.


I think this is a real bug. Introduced probably with the unicode builds.
My 2.32t has the bug.

This bug should be solved with the current Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian


thanks for this quick fix.

This was more anoying than creating a real problem (always painfull to retype the different options I have :wink: )

continue to keep this great utility alive!

Best regards,


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