[F] Select multiple different entries, field value does not update

in 2.44a

When click on 1 file, then holding shift and clicking on a different file to select a range of files (say, start with track 1, click on track 6 to select 2, 3, 4, 5 as well) ... Track, Title fields (at least, possibly others) remain as Track 1 info, and do not update to < keep > as has been standard.

Therefore, when wanting to edit, say Year in group of files, Title and Track info will become uniform with Track 1 data - problematic!

Thanks for reporting!

I've fixed this issue with Mp3tag v2.44b.

This problem still exists in 2.44b, when you press shift and use the keyboard keys.
When you use the mouse, it works as expected

Thanks Mike, confirmed. Expect a fix later today.

Kind regards,

I've fixed this issue with Mp3tag v2.44c.

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