[F] Selecting one file to edit


I am not sure if this is a bug, so am posting here.

This is what i am observing, If Mp3tag is not active and i select one particular song and open in Mp3tag by right clicking on the file and selecting Mp3tag from the context menu then only that particular file opens in Mp3tag for editing.

But if Mp3tag is already open and i perform the same operation, then all the songs in that directory open in MP3tag.

Also, if Mp3tag is not open and i select more than one song and try to open through the explorer context menu then all the songs in that directory open in Mp3tag.

I don't remember this behaviour from before. If i remember correctly then only the files i select and try to open, would open earlier.

I am using version 2.37F. I do not have any other version with me, else I would have checked myself.

Is this how it was designed to work?

Thanks, ash

I cannot confirm any of your issues. If needed, I can post a recording of my screen.

I can confirm this behaviour using Mp3tag 2.37f.


Hey, seems that I only downloaded the f development build but didn't install it - sorry. I can confirm what you saw and moving this to bugs.

Edit: The bug was introduced with the 2.37f version - 2.37e did not seem to have this bug.

And it's fixed again in the latest Development Build.

Kind regards,

I am sorry to report that using 2.37h, i right-click on an mp3, then select "Mp3tag" from the context menu, then Mp3tag loads only that particular file, altough there are many more still in the same folder. So, i think it is the same bug (?) and probably still there :unsure:

No, that's the desired behaviour.

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