[F] Shorten filenames to 64 characters

If long .flac file has dots (.) in filename, 'cut' gives weird result.


100% feat. Jennifer John - Just Can't Wait (Saturday) (Stonebridge Club Mix).flac ->
. jennifer john - just can't wait (saturday) (stonebridge club mix).flac

Thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:

P.S. please add feature to add (1), (2), (3) etc. to filenames if the artist and title are the same to avoid errors while renaming by pattern %artist% - %title%. I use other tagging program for this only feature!

Yes, and also the file extension is not taken into account.

The action "Shorten filenames to 64 characters" should be removed completety from the action set.
I've checked it years ago, saw no intelligence, although promised, and did never touch it again.
I've built my own intelligent routine to keep the entire filename+ext less than 65 characters.

This fussiness(1), fussiness(2), fussiness(3) ... fussiness(9999) is not needed!

You can prepare the output filename in a temporary tag-field to view it, to check it, to change it, to detect and avoid duplicates ... and then after all ... the filename is perfect and the file can be renamed without causing any error in the filesystem.
Overall this way is the most efficient way to prepare correct filenames at minimal time.
First create the filename virtual, then real.


The action has been removed with Mp3tag v2.48a.

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