[F] Small problem with Action Group configurations

Very nice feature to have. Thank you! I've found, though, a couple small issues when you rename an existing Action group.

  1. When you rename an Action Group, it appears at the end of the list the next time you open the dialog box unless you remember to 'Save'. I don't think the order should have to be saved.

  2. Renaming an Action Group will subsequently exclude it from any saved configs. Looking in the .mtg files I can see that the old name is left there.

  3. After renaming a group, it no longer appears in the drop-down list of executable action groups.

Why not?

Ah, thanks. I'll also rename them in the presets.

Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,

For two reasons. 1. The old rename behavior didn't require it, so people will expect the behavior to stay the same, and 2. The item will be moved only after you've closed the dialog and then reopened it, which is a little odd and unexpected.

But isn't the order of the action groups one specific property of each configuration and should also be saved?

Are there any other opinions?

I also think it is not necessary to save the order.

No big deal. I've gotten used to using 'Save' whenever I want the state to appear the same next time. Also, renaming is only rarely done, and if you use the saved configs regurlarly then you'll you'll probably remember to do it manually.

I have to say that I've really been using this new saved configurations ability a lot and loving it. I have a saved config called 'Clear All' that is particurlarly useful (you might even consider making it a default), since switching back to a commonly used saved config afterwards only takes an instant. Also, to be certain that I have a known set of Actions loaded I'll often click a saved configuration even when it may not change anything. Protects against mental errors when I'm tired.

Thanks again, Florian.

Issues 2.) and 3.) have been fixed with the current Development Build.

Glad that you like the new feature :slight_smile:

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