[F] Some genre tags not applying to ID3v1 mp3's

Hi, I just noticed a possible bug with the ID3v1 genre tags.

When tagging some MP3's just now with Mp3tag 2.52, I noticed that some standard genre tags refuse to show or apply under ID3v1, I can set and view them correctly under other software, but attempting to view or apply these tags in Mp3tag results in a completely blank field. It's still happening after I upgraded to 2.53.

So far the only ones I've noticed doing this are:

Big Beat

It also happens with the defined genre "Progressive Metal". If I fill out the genre field with any other standard or user defined one they display and apply properly.

Is anyone able to reproduce this? Or could it be an issue on my end?
Thanks in advance.

These are not standard genres and cannot be saved in the ID3v1 tag.

Are you sure? I have never bothered with custom genre tagging and these do appear in the default ID3v1 genre list in Winamp, and they do save and are viewable in ID3v1 through it...

Isn't there one ID3v1 standard set that's unmodifiable?

Looks like Winamp extended their list of additional genres again.
So Mp3tag doesn't know them yet.

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