[F] Sort by filename in menu wrong

I think I found a bug. I use the German version of V.2.19B.

If I click on "Ansicht" -> "Sortieren nach" -> "Dateiname" "Dateiname" is only available if I have selected at least one file. Otherwise it is grey. And when I have selected some files I get the same popup window as Ansicht Tags... (ALT+T).


i can confirm this.
also if u sort files after path, u need to hit F5 one time before they are sorted, (asuming that path includes the filename)
but only if only 1 folder is loaded in Mp3tag, but it seems to work when there are more than 1 folders loaded


thanks for reporting! I've fixed this in the latest Development Build. Please confirm, if this version is working fine for you :slight_smile:

Dano, sort by path excludes the filename - it sorts only by directory.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hi Florian,
now it works correctly. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the fast support.