[F] Sorting broke in 2.35n

Feature request - Multiple Column Sorting

Sorting by clicking the header seems to be broken in 2.35n. Sorting by path or even track doesn't sort properly I'm finding. I found a copy of 2.35m and reverted - sort went back to previous behaviour on same set of files. This isn't even the double sorting I'd mentioned in that previous post but on sorting by just one column...

I can confirm this. If, for example I sort multiple folders by folder first and then after that by artist, is's screwed up.

Yes here too.

Though I think I noticed that when all files are selected and you click a column it sorts them right.

Sorry, but I can't reproduce this here :frowning:

I've sorted the tracks of several various artists albums first by path and then by artist and got the expected results (paths are still sorted and additional to that, artists too).

For me the sorting works fine. I have no problems with it. The only thing that is different is the fact that it is now faster (like Florian mentionend in the thread where you can download 2.35n).

Strange, now that I've tried to reproduce this again, I couldn't.
Dang, and I can't remember which files / albums exactly I sorted when
I reproduced the bug report the first time :frowning:

I have no problems to, sorting now works really fast.

Works fine on my side, too.

Hi, sorry for writing my first post to the bug-section, but I think, I can help reproducing this bug:

In my case sorting in version 2.35n works fine till you use freedb. After renaming the tags of one file by using freedb, the now renamed song won´t be sorted correctly.

I tried it a few times with different files and it was always the same effect.

Apart of this little bug mp3tag is a real brilliant tool! My highest respect to you Florian!


Thank you for pointing that out.

The issue should be fixed with the latest Development Build :slight_smile:

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