[F] Standard genre apprently non iTunes-compatible in m4a files

This one troubled me for a little while, now I finally managed to reproduce it in a small file, so you can analyze it.

A song was converted from mp3 to m4a using dbpoweramp (with nero encoder).
If I open it with WinAmp, Floola or iTunes, the genre tag is correctly detected as "Anime".
But if I open it with mp3tag and click the "save" icon (without actually changing any field), then the resulting modified file shows an empty genre tag when opened by the above software (but still retains "Anime" if opened with mp3tag).
It seems that the genre tag is changed in a way that mp3tag can still read it as "Anime" but others cannot.

The sample m4a is located here:

The copy changed by mp3tag is here:

Mp3tag version used is 2.42b (tested with 2.42 too).

Interesting note I: sometimes (I should say "often"), files encoded to m4a/aac using dbpoweramp show the same behavior even without being touched by mp3tag.
So I suppose this might be a problem with ambiguous standard definition for the mpeg4 tags, and not with mp3tag. It would be good to have a workaround in mp3tag, though. :slight_smile:

Interesting note II: if I change the genre to a custom one (for example "xyz") and save, the genre IS read correctly in winamp and iTunes. Apparently the problem only happens with standard tags.

Thank you for your patience.

It seems Mp3tag uses ID3v2 genre list for m4a standard genres, but it should use only ID3v1 genre list.
I.e. Anime should be saved as custom genre in ┬ęgen

I can confirm the bug with "Anime" and mp3tag, I always have to resave the Genre tag using foobar or iTunes to make it show up in iTunes.

EDIT: I'd also like to mention another "standard tag" bug that's always bugged me. If I ever try to save the genre tag as "TRANCE" (all caps), mp3tag will automatically convert it to "Trance".

Thanks for reporting! I'll try to fix it to the next release.

Kind regards,

Hopefully fixed with Mp3tag v2.42c Development Build.

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