[F] Tag Panel problems with 'wheel mouse'

This may or may not be a bug, but it is a huge problem for me. this problem may have existed before, but I have just become aware of it.

If one is editing tags for a collection of tracks, say an entire album, using the Tag Panel on the left, new entries that are written to the tracks using Ctrl+S remain highlighted after clicking the OK button following the successful write process.

HOWEVER, if you inadvertently use the wheel on the mouse to scroll down to the next entry field in the tag panel, the previously highlighted tag is likely removed from its entry window since it remains highlighted and thus selected. Writing new tags in the new entry field will, in that case, REMOVE the previously written tag.

Once a tag has been written to a file or files, using the wheel on the mouse to navigate to other locations should not alter the entries in the tag panel that have already been entered and saved to the tracks in the album or collection. It does no good to enter new values for a field and at the same time remove a previously saved tag.

I never noticed this before. It makes me wonder how many times I've added tags in the Tag Panel interface while unknowingly removing others.

If I don't touch the wheel and instead move down the tag panel using the scroll bar on the right margin of the tag panel, no problem. However, it's not desirable to disable the wheel on the mouse or to switch to a mouse without a wheel. Can this issue be addressed????

Dennis, aka "d2b"

I can confirm that it is not possible to scroll around the tag panel with a mouse wheel as it is not possible to use the tag panel without having the focus in a field.
Clicking into the "grey" area between the fields does not move the focus to the tag panel as a whole.
I agree: it would be nice® to be able to use the mouse wheel for the whole tag panel (which needs the option to "unfocus" all fields).

In the "Tag panel" dialog window [Ctrl]+[Q] you can navigate between the edit fields using the keys [TAB] or [SHIFT]+[TAB], that is regular CUA standard.
The mouse wheel works only within scrollable edit fields, and that is good so.

When you are doing consecutive edits within the Tag-Panel on single edit fields only, you have to keep in mind:
All entries in all edit fields of the Tag-Panel will be stored into the selected tracks together at once ...
by using the menu "File/Save tag" ...
or by pressing the key [CTRL]+[S] ...
or by clicking into the list view at any place (the latter feature I do really dislike).

If you do not want to change an existing tag value, then you can choose the value "< keep >" from the associated edit field's picklist.

Keep in mind that the picklist of an edit field, within the Tag panel, is a list, which has been collected from the current value of the associated tag-field from all the selected tracks.
A manually entered value, into the selected edit field, will not be stored durable in the edit fields picklist memory.
Therefore a manually entered value will be lost after saving the current edit session by [CTRL]+[S].
Because of this behaviour I use the Tag panel rather seldom.


But you realized that you can disbable this feature in options/tags?

A feature that allows wheel mouse use when editing tags in the tag panel is exactly what I feel is needed.

We use the tag panel first and foremost to add desired FLAC tags that may not yet be present but are common to all of the tracks in an album. Some examples of those are: ALBUMARTIST, UPC/EAN (bar code), LABEL, PRODUCER, PERFORMER, LOCATION, CATALOGNUMBER and so on.

To do so, it is easiest to select all of the tracks in the album and then use the tag panel to make these entries one after the other, scrolling down through the tag panel to address each of the tag fields sequentially. This is hazardous if you wish to use a wheel mouse because it is too easy to change a previously entered tag value from the desired value to accidentally.

Dennis...aka "d2b"

Please help me understand what he or she (DetlevD) meant by the "list view." The Tag Panel and the Extended Tags view are self-evident. Am I correct in assuming that the reference to "list view" means the panel that resembles a spreadsheet, with rows and columns? Perhaps he/she meant the Extended Tags view that lists all of the tags present in the selected tracks???

I can find no reference to a "list view" in any of the menus. If you can explain the meaning of the Tools > Options > Tags > Save tags when.... and where that applies, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance to everyone for responding to my original post.

Dennis...aka "d2b"


Just for your information about first names ...


The "list view" is a standard design element for the graphical user interface of computers.

The Mp3tag "list view" looks like a spreadsheet, but it is not a spreadsheet in the proper sense like MS Excel or other products, therefore I use the right technical term.

The "list view" is the basic user interface of Mp3tag and has not the meaning of a "panel".
A "panel" window is a free floating window, which can be docked or undocked within user interface.
Therefore it is possible to move the Mp3tag "Tag panel" on the current primary screen or to another secondary display screen.


Yes there is the option ... "Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click".
I have set this option to "on" for usage in the Mp3tag list view.
I dislike to change this option every time when I probably can use the Tag panel to do things.
My wish:
I would like to have an additional option, to switch off saving by single mouse click, when working in the Tag panel.


One of Mp3tag's biggest user interface problems is with fields that are both user-editable text and selectable from a drop-down list. Wheel mice pose a problem. I cannot count how many hundreds of times I've been editing some complex expression in a filter or in a converter and lost the edit due to the mouse wheel moving, causing the text to be overwritten from the drop-down.

How about this?

When a user begins editing a field, disable the ability to use the mouse wheel to select from the drop-down. If the user wishes to abandon the edit and use the wheel, then can either 1) click the down-arrow, re-activating the drop-down, 2) use keyboard up/down navigation keys to re-activate it. In both cases, allow the wheel to be used again until the user begins editing in the text box.

The "list view" is the basic user interface of Mp3tag and has not the meaning of a "panel".<<<<

It appears to me that mp3tag calls that view a "file view." See Tools > Options > General. That's why I was wondering what a list view meant.


Dennis, yes, you are are right, what I have called the "list view", that is in Mp3tag in english the term "file view" and in german "Dateiansicht".
I will try to use the correct wording.


Thank you for your comments about this problem. Is there any chance that the wheel mouse/tag panel issue can be fixed in an upcoming release. It is very hard to avoid problems when editing with a wheel mouse.

Dennis, aka "d2b"

With Mp3tag v2.66 I've adjusted the scroll wheel behavior.

Thanks JJ Johnson and d2b for your input!

Kind regards

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