[F] title and year tags alternately disappear

I'm using v 2.32 and there is no Mp3tagError.log in the data directory.

I'm working with aac files.

Open a directory, select a file. File has and displays in the edit area all tags except year. Edit year and save. Title tag is now empty....?!#?%

Now select menu Convert/Filename to tag. With correct format string (%artist% - %track% - %title%), execute. Year tag is now empty....?!#?%

This is a great program, usually - :slight_smile:

Thank You

Can I get a link to the last version, please?

...found an old version on Tucows... :slight_smile:

After installing the previous version, it looks like this is a display problem in the prog. The tags actually contain the correct data, the (new) prog just won't display these values simultaneously....

hope that helps

Please attach a screenshot of the Options, Tags, Ape/Mpc... options dialog page.

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~ Florian

On that options panel, the only item NOT checked is Remove ID3v2. Of course, I'm back using the previous (working) version...

I've marked this report as "No Bug", because I can't reproduce it and no other user reported any issues like that.

~ Florian

This version is still having this problem. It would go away if I reinstalled, but is back and will not go away.

I am only working with m4a files, maybe that is why there are no other reports.

This problem is 100% reproduceable...

Further investigation may point the problem at the new QuickTime 7 pro. I'll keep you updated. Sorry for the confusion...

The report is marked as open again.

Please send me one of the affected files and I'll try to reproduce it.

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~ Florian

This bug will be fixed with the next Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian

This should be fixed with the current Development Build now.

Best regards,
~ Florian