[F] v2.37e: freedb runtime error



Here are the steps I'm doing to get that bug.

  1. I select all the files I need to look for with Freedb.
  2. I go in the "Tag Sources" menu, "freedb..." submenu and the "determine from selected files" option.

That's it. I'm getting a Runtime error message for the mtmainframe C++ source file.

I was able to recreate this, however it was only by selecting files I knew would have no match (files from multiple albums). If I selected a known good album, no issue.

The exact error has been sent to Florian.


So do I..
When I use a freedb function, following error happens;

Runtime error

File: .\mtmainframe.cpp
Line: 2295

thanks for good tool~


This bug has been fixed with the latest Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,

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