[F] v2.38 Does not Refresh after Move Files

Hello All

Up to now, when files are 'moved' to another folder, the selection in the current folder has been automatically refreshed to show only the remaining files.

This is no longer the case, and this is making things difficult for me.

Is there a setting to change this, or can it be addressed in the next version.


Fred F.


Just wanted to echo the concern of Fred F. I noticed the same "lack of refresh" after moving files using 2.38. This diminishes ease of use of this program. I will go back to 2.37 until it is resolved.

Cheers JakeStyles

Just press the [Del] key to remove the moved files from the file list.

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Thanks for the reply Florian.

But that is not the point we raised.

This is about a function that was in the previous version but not in the newer one.

Hope you can see this now.


Fred F.

Hi Fred,

I think I don't see the missing function. Can you please be a little bit more specific and describe the desired behaviour when moving files via the Move files function?



Hello Florian

Thanks for your reply.

In V2.37a when you highlight a file/files and <right/click> to use the [Move] option, after you have selected the new destination for the selected files, and 'moved' them to the new folder, the list of files in the original folder is refreshed so that the 'moved' files no longer show up in the program.

In the latest version, although the selected files are moved to the new destination, the current list is not refreshed, and they 'appear' to be still in the original folder.

I use the program to give batches of files new Artist/Album details before moving them off to different folders, and it is quite confusing to have the original list in its entirety.

Using the 'refresh file' button this makes extra work when handling a number of transactions.

Do let me know if this is not clear enough now.

Kind regards

Fred F.

hmmm ... i'm a bit sad that this has been marked "No Bug"

it definitely spoils the user experience for me, breaks the whole "display the contents of a folder" metaphor, confuses the UI ... and just now, very nearly just caused me to lose a bundle of files in the confusion.

i see the behaviour described by Fred when i use the Alt+1 Convert Tag to Filename ... the files are renamed and moved to a different drive and folder ... but stay in the display.

this is changed behaviour, they used to be removed from the display automatically.

if this is indeed "No Bug" ... is there a link where i can find version 2.37 ???
Alt+1 move/rename is the feature i probably use most, and right now, with 2.38, it is too tricky.

best regards,


Well, it was marked as no bug because the description given by Fred Flange does not work to reproduce the bug - at least not on my system with 2.38a. If I use the menu entry "Move" and move the file outside the working directory, the file disappears from the list. However, if you have the following structure:


and load the directory A, move File1 from 1 to 2, the file will remain in the list since it's still inside the working directory A.

However, I can reproduce the bug when using the Tag-Filename converter.

thanks for taking time to look at this, sebastian.

i am now not so sad ... :slight_smile:

regards - david

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