[F] v2.38 on Win XP SP2 - Erroneous "Server Busy" dialog

Often at the end of copying files from the mp3tag file list to Exploerer, I get

  1. What "Server"?
  2. What "busy/not responding"? The operation did complete successfully.
  3. The object identified by the path is a folder, not a program.
  4. The bottom line(s) are unreadable.

That is actually a Windows dialog and I think the server is the OLE server. Did you use drag and drop for copying? I am not sure if that denotes a flaw in the program or not. Florian, maybe this helps: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/248019/en

Did you use drag and drop for copying?


I am not sure if that denotes a flaw in the program or not.

Well, I suggest it is undesirable. And I've seen no other program do this on drag'n'drop.

Florian, maybe this helps:

"shows you how to avoid this dialog box". Sounds good!

This should be fixed in the latest Development Build. Thanks for reporting and thanks for the pointer to the KB entry.

Kind regards,

Thanks. I'll watch out for recurrence.

It seems not fixed - in V2.39c, if I SHIFT-drag top copy 394 files into Windows Explorer, after about 150 files (1min) I get the dialog box

. Server Busy
. --------------------------------------------------------
. This action cannot be completed because the
. "Milonga" program is not responding.
. Choose "Switch To" and correct the problem.

where "Milonga" is the title of the destination window.

This has no ill effect on the copy operation.

"Milonga" doesn't sound like "Mp3tag" - am I missing something?

Milonga is the title of the drag'n'drop destination Exporer window, and the folder that it is viewing. The source of the drag'n'drop, and of the dialog box, is mp3tag.

The only thing I can tell is that I've followed the instructions in the KB entry. At the moment I have no idea on further improvements.

OK. Thanks anyway for investigating.

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