[F] v2.38: standard values

If more than one entry - besides "< beibehalten >", "< entfernen >" and "< eingeben >" - exist in one of the selection lists in the "Standardwerte" dialogue, then the first entry is always used - regardless of the entry that was selected by the user.

Example: "Year" with selectable values
< beibehalten >
< entfernen >
< eingeben >
=> If "2006" is selected, then STRG-W will use "2007" instead.

Used version: Mp3Tag v2.38; OS: Windows Vista

Can you reproduce this with the latest Development Build?

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I've just tested it with v2.39d. The answer is: yes, the problem still exists in this version.

This bug has been fixed with the current Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for fixing the bug...

... but now (v2.39e) the setting of standard values seems to have been deactivated completely. STRG-W does not work anymore, although it's still mentioned in the "Tastaturkürzel" help page and there's no menu entry for it either (at least I've found none).

[edit] Correction: Sorry, it works, but only if more than one file is selected. With just one selected file nothing happens if STRG-W is pressed.


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