[F] v2.79 on macOS forgets last opened directory path

In the latest release for macOS (Wine included) Mp3Tag forgets the last opened folder path when changing directories. After opening a folder through the Ctrl+D command when I press Ctrl+D again, the "Browse for Folder" window reverts to initial state showing me only the root access points (/, My Computer, My Documents and Trash).

This is really annoying, because traversing the long directory path in the small directory tree window is cumbersome.

I do not know exactly from which version this bug was introduced, because I was using several versions older Mp3Tag before the upgrade to the latest version and it used to work without problems in the older version.

The problem is apparent when I open folders that are not accessible under My Computer, but need to be accessed through the full Unix path "/"

After opening a unix path the file paths always start with "\\?\unix". I am not aware whether it should display it like that or not.

I think you can set the favourite folders in File>Options>Folders.
Perhaps that setting points to a folder that does not exist any more.

This thread shows some more advice how to use Mp3tag with Mac OS

I do not have a favourite folder set, because I work in different folders and the folders do exist.

After opening a folder using the Ctrl+D command I would like to change to another sibling folder, however I have to start searching the folderfrom the beginning of the tree, because Mp3Tag does not remember the actual path for the previously opened folder.

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