[F] v2.79 OS X file naming encoding issue

When renaming files with non-ASCII characters Mp3Tag seems to use some encoding other than UTF-8 which corrupts the filenames in the OS X system

As far as I understand it, it is a task of the underlying file manager to take care of proper filenames.
What do you classify as "corruption"?

First of all OS X filenames that contain non-ASCII characters are displayed incorrectly.
Native OS X: SomeNonASCIIcharactersÜÕÖÄüõöä.mp3
Mp3Tag displayed filename: SomeNonASCIIcharactersÜÕÖÄüõöä.mp3

Non-ASCII characters in the metadata are displayed correctly, but when I rename the file from the metada, the non-ASCII characters are corrupted in the OS X file browser (Finder)
This "SomeNonASCIIcharactersÜÕÖÄüõöä"
shows in Finder as "SomeNonASCIIcharacters%DC%D5%D6%C4%FC%F5%F6%E4", but correctly in Mp3Tag.

Clearly there are encoding issues.

Also the generated m3u playlists are saved with encoding Windows-1252 and not UTF-8 which generates issues there as well.

Can you please try whether the instructions provided in this post are fixing the issue for you?

Which language are you using with macOS?

Kind regards
– Florian

Thank you!

The suggestion in the given forum thread did fix the issue of showing and writing the filenames correctly.
Could this be added to the next relaese so I wouldn't have to do this manually every time I update the application?

It did not change the encoding used for m3u playlist saving. How can that be changed to UTF-8 as well?

NB! I am using English as my primary language with Estonian keyboard layout.

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