[F] Version 2.77 and earlier versions randomly abort

I am on Version 2.77 and have used the program for several previous versions.
My library is about 68000 tracks. For quicker access I use multiple user logins (User1, User2)
and subdirectories (MusicPart1, MusicPart2) for both editing and playing. I spend a considerable effort
editing, standardizing and cleaning up tag data. I do NOT ever allow online tag updating.

Some of the directories I normally load will contain in excess of 30000 files in order to allow me to sort
and review data for correction and standardization. The program regularly locks up and aborts after
a random number of save functions have been performed, requiring restarting and reloading all the

Updates to tag data seem to all be recorded correctly and not lost,
but the abort always requires a complete reload.

I have allowed it to submit data for review a number of times from multiple release versions
but have not seen this problem addressed.

Any thoughts or advice?

The good and bad news is: you are not alone.

Here are some threads that discuss the problem:

or this one that has a thread collection:

The behaviour you observe has been observed by several other users. The only advice that is currently available: do not load so many files at once.

I think Florian has come up with an explanation that makes sense. I'm running a 32-bit app on a 64-bit machine when loading a large collection. Probably hitting the 2gb limit for the app. Don't know why I didn't realize this.

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