[F] WAV files over 2GB cannot be opened for writing

Like the software but this issue I really need a fix for this. yes i have searched the forum and read all the post about this i found but none solved my problem.

first the setup
W 7 professional 64
NTFS formatted drive
WAV files 5.0 PCM 352 (dxd) created from Merging technologies MTDSD Convert or Weiss Engineering Saracon.

I can not edit tags for some files in a folder while other files in that same folder I can edit the tags just fine. the only correlation between the files that I can not edit is the size. They are all over 2 gb anything under 2gb edits fine.

I have full ownership of the hard drive and folders
no other software is running locking the files
files are not locked

any ideas?

Thanks for reporting!

I've fixed this with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.86e.

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