[F] Web Sources doesn't read track titles


I have an album listed in the main view. Non of the tracks have a Track Number tag but they have Title tags and most other tags. Because the list has no track order it is naturally listed in the wrong order from an album track order point of view. Also please note that there are no Track Numbers in the file names, just the track Title.

I then fire up Web Sources to get the correct Track order (Track Number tag) info, it finds the correct album and lists the tracks in the Web Sources windows correctly. I then apply the changes.

The result is that all the tags from the correctly ordered Web Sources view are applied to the wrongly ordered list of tracks, subsequently trashing them :astonished: Of course a quick Undo sorts it out - nice feature BTW :sunglasses:

So, to get my track numbers and correct tag info on I have to go to one website or another, find out what the track order is, put it in manually then re sort the list. Only then does Web Sources apply the correct tags to the correct tracks. :music:

I tried this on 3 different albums which had no track number tags. Fails every time. I've attached a screen shot of the undesired results.

I guess no one else has experienced this yet then.

Does this mean its not a bug?

If the tool cannot recognise that tracks have simply been selected in potentially the wrong order in the list window its useless because it means you must fill in the track numbers manually before you can auto fill any other tags.

The current Development Build has a completey redesigned dialog for web sources which also has a Suggest sorting feature at the Utils button that works based on the track title and the track length.

I think you'll like it :slight_smile:

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