[F] wrong number of files being update



I haven't been able to recreate the exact circumstances, but here is what I know:

  • several albums will be loaded
  • I use Ctrl+A to select all tracks
  • I use the toolbar button to execute my actions groups
Occasionally, I will see "Applying actions to file... x of y" when I have less than y number of files loaded. This will result into data from one album being applied to another.

I'll post the extact steps if I can pinpoint them, sorry I don't have more information.


Is it possible that you've previously used the web sources feature (to get cover art for example) and canceled the operation?

Thank you!

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Actually- that's a very common occurance. I will frequently use the web source to get a cover or just the year and then cancel. I've done this for a long time and only noticed the issue with the latest version.

I've since reverted back to 2.37a and haven't seen a recurrence.

Is this something that was introduced with 2.37b?


Yes, and it has been fixed with the current Development Build.

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