[F] Wrong path when renaming files


When I rename a file using its tags (i.e. creating a folder called "artist" and a subfolder "album") MP3tag doesn't get it right sometimes (see the screenshot).

So instead of drive R:... MP3tag puts the file in a subfolder \R...

I think the problem is the slash in the album-tag because a minute earlier it worked fine.

Problem converting tag to file

I just tested it - and can partially confirm the bug (which looks like a variation of the 2.78a bug described here [F] 2.78a: Konverter Tag-Dateiname mit \ führt zu falschem Pfad

The problem is the combination of path and variable with slash in the data being part of the path (and not just the filename).

If you leave out the variable in the path then MP3tag behaves as it should: no path repetition.

Also, if you treat the whole format string with a $validate()-function then the path comes out correct as well.

But I agree: it looks like a bug.


I had a look at this and will fix it to the next release. Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards
– Florian


The reported issue is now fixed with the current Development Build (Mp3tag v2.80a).

Thanks again!

Kind regards
– Florian