[F] "www" tag is not read & written correctly in v 2.46b

The "www" tag causes massive problems at the newest mp3tag version (2.46b)!

In ID3v2.3-Tags www-tags are not read by mp3tag. Even with files which I have tagged with an earlier version of mp3tag (most of my files). The tags are still present, because I can read them with my mediaplayer (foobar2000).
When I edit these files with mp3tags the www tags get lost (they don't appear in foobar anymore).
When I write a new www tag with mp3tag, it simply disapears at saving.

I noticed by chance that ID3v2.2 & ID3v2.4 www tags are still read correctly by mp3tag. But when I edit them with mp3tag they are transformed to ID3v2.3 tags and the www tags get lost.

I also found a file with a ID2v2.3 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.3) with a www-tag displayed at mp3tag. At saving, the www-tag disapeared in mp3tag, but it is still there in foobar. The tag type ID2v2.2 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.3) is not altered to something else.
When i edit the www-tag in foobar, it re-apeares in mp3tag. But only if I edit the www-tag, not if I edit another tag in the same file. In both files, the tags are transformed into ID2v2.4 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.4) tags by foobar.

After more searching i found now some files with ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3) tags with correctly displayed www-tags. At saving they disapear, but are still there in foobar.

So, putting all together I must say that I have no idea when the problem occures. But I'm sure it wasn't there in mp3tag 2.46a.
It's rather annoying, because I constantly loose information when i re-tag old files and I don't get full information when i run my web sources scripts which all write the www-tag. So I will use the v2.46a until this is solved.

I also notice a problem reading the WWW tag in previously tagged MP3 files when using Mp3Tag 2.46b.

I created a custom column entitled "Download Origin" and used %www% as the Field and Value. Also, a custom entry in the Tag Panel with WWW as the Field. When I write this tag for the first time, both 2.46a and 2.46b seem to create a tag called UserDefinedURL and assign the specified value. I can see the tag with another metadata editor (ExifTool). I can see the value in Winamp. I can see the value in MP3Tag ver 2.46a. I cannot see the value in ver 2.46b in the tag panel, the column window or the Extended Tags dialogue. Both versions edit the tag as expected (at least, the changes appear in Winamp). But, as pone wrote, after editing in ver 2.46b the value disappears from the screen. Of course, this makes it impossible to check the accuracy of editing.

If I am editing FLAC files, the tag that is created is called WWW. This tag is read by ver 2.46b!
Maybe ver 2.46b has "forgotten" that the tag 'UserDefinedURL' should provide the value for the %www% field in MP3 files.

It appears as though version 2.46b does not read every tag it writes, which seems like a bug to me. :frowning:


problem fixed in v 2.46c

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