F1 Help - "Please install a browser"


Been using MP3tag for a year, and always get the message "You need an Internet Browser..." after invoking Help. Am now using v2.37a, and have both Firefox 2.0 (default) and IE 7.0 installed. MP3tag is the only app which cannot find the browser.



Do you have *.html files associated with any browser?


*.html files are associated with Firefox (the default browser). Double-clicking on index.html in the Mp3tag\help directory loads the Mp3tag Help page correctly. Are there any registry entries which could be over-riding the system default behavior?


Can you please try to re-associate HTML files through Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder options > File types and see if this helps?




Florian, I appreciate your assistance.

I just reassociated HTML files as you suggested, but still no Help. BTW, I confirmed the association of *.html files to FIREFOXHTML and of FIREFOXHTML to firefox.exe which is installed in the default location.

Mp3tag is not installed in the default location but rather in "C:\Program Files\MM\Taggers\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe". This location seems to work just fine.