Fail on high-codepoint characters

Anyone know why formatting a field to {$char(&H200C)} gives just { ?

Same results with other zero-width Unicode characters.

And how to workaround this?


Please load up pictures directly together with your board message to the Mp3tag server.
I dislike to connect to foreign servers.

You want to use the unicode character ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER.

Hmm, do you think that this is the correct syntax $char(&H200C) in Mp3tag?
Indeed it does work with $char(8204).

Try this formatstring ...

'Mp3'$char(8204)'tag ### '$len('Mp3'$char(8204)'tag')

Using the OpenOffice font "Unicode Symbols", or some other full unicode font, you will see the text "Mp3tag" with a length of 7 characters.


Oops, my mistake.

That works here too. Thanks D.