Failed to authenticate >12002:12002 only for Discogs

The error message is:
" Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)."
">12002: 12002: The operation timed out "

I've searched through all the posts, none of them solve this problem. My clock is set to the correct time, my internet is working, i'm using the .src that came with the newest installation of Mp3Tag, changing the .cfg file doesn't fix it, etc. I'm using v3.10b. I never had this problem before installing v3.10. I'm using Windows 10. The only source this happens with is Discogs. Everything else works fine. Some days Discogs will work, however most days it does not work. To get the error to pop up, i just click on the Discogs source under the tag sources box in Mp3tag. I get the error message before the search box even pops up where i would type in the album name for Discogs. I've tried changing the timeout in the settings>networking to everything from 0,10,30,60,120,999999999, 1410065407, none of that fixes it. The status bar at the bottom of Mp3tags says "Ready" the whole time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. As i mentioned, this never happened to me until the v3.10 release and occasionally it will work as intended, which just makes it harder to nail down.
Thank you!

perhaps you repeat the authorisation process.
Here is a thread about that:

That didn't help. I already tried changing the name of mp3tag.cfg . Nothing happens differently after. I followed the instructions in the post above. One of the steps after changing the name of mp3tag.cfg is "test Discogs script" and then the next step is "Search Discogs". I can't search Discogs. The error message pops up before the search window even opens for Discogs. So it never asks me to authorize Discogs. Also, i never was getting a 401 error. It doesn't look like it's even trying to connect to Discogs the way it does with the other sources. Just straight to error.

Anyone have any ideas? Am i the only one this is happening to?

I tried using Discogs through MusicBee player to tag files and it's doing the same thing. It's giving me the same error: failed to authenticate, operation timed out. So something is going on with Discogs. Like i mentioned before, it's even more confusing because occasionally it does work. When i go to and enter this: > Request token URL: i get this error message in my browser: >{"message": "An internal server error occurred (code: 2192963d8f6d4a0aa39447f760c5bfcd)."} I'm at a loss.

So I would assume that there is something wrong with your machine. To be honest: the most likely hickup comes from an invalid internal clock.
Anyway: if there was something wrong with discogs in general, the forum would be humming with threads about the failure.
I would say that you still have to look for something locally. Like blocked network actions, system clock, firewall. These things.

Ok thanks. I'll check that stuff & report back.

So, I noticed that when i turn off my wifi on my computer then turn it back on, the Discogs stuff works. If i restart my computer, i have to turn the wifi off & back on again for it to work again. So i didn't fix it, exactly, but i am getting closer. I went through and made sure Discogs was whitelisted on all of my tracker-blocker add-ons on my browser. I use Opera, by the way, if that has anything to do with it. I made sure my computer clock is set to automatic time and automatic timezone. Something is happening when i turn the wifi off & on again that fixes the problem. Until i start my computer again, that is. Does that give anyone any clues?

so... which program resets your computer time?
Or could it be that your PC battery needs replacing?
Perhaps it is worthwhile to start the PC with the Wifi off (which might connect to a time server straightaway) and see what the system time shows.

Nothing seems to reset the computer time. Unless it's changing it by seconds. It's always accurate to the minute. The PC battery could be the culprit. Although i keep the computer plugged in when doing anything on it. This laptop is about 5 years old. Maybe there's something weird going on with my ISP? Like the provider just sucks or it's slow? It's Spectrum and it does constantly drop connection.
I'll try to restart the PC with the wifi off & see what that does.
I just had a thought: i use Rainmeter which puts a clock widget on my desktop. It's accurate but maybe there's a plugin or some .dll file bundled with either the widget or Rainmeter itself which is causing a problem?

Actually, I referred to the CMOS button battery on the motherboard. That could be flat after 5 years.