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In Word and Excel, a user can hit Control H and find and replace whatever content superfast. I am wondering if that is a feature you can add in this program? It would be superfast and would find the target word and change it in all columns. For example: If I wanted to change Ty Dolla Sign to Ty Dolla $ign, I would hit Ctrl H, a popup window would appear, and I could put in Ty Dolla Sign in the first row and Ty Doll $ign in the second row. Then I would hit enter and then all entries that contain Ty Dolla Sign would be changed, rather immediately to Ty Dolla $ign. This feature that is known in Word and Excel would make editing super fast. Another example: Pink could be changed to P!nk. The recommendation would find the target word in all columns that are being edited for superfast results saving us users tons of time. Please consider this recommendation and let me know what you think. If you get it in place I will gladly donate more money for this platform.

DJ Tommy T,

There is an action to replace string constants with other string constants.
It focusses on individual fields and not all fields as I would probably not like to have all occurances of "pink" be replaced with "P!nk".
Like in the album "Pinky blue", "Pink bubbles go Ape", "Pink Moon", "Pretty in Pink" or "Vicious Pink" be transformed or Pinkerton becomes something else.

The action is also available as quick action.

Thanks for your superfast response. Yeah, Pink probably wasn't the best example. Could work if working on all P!nk related songs of one of her albums. So this feature is already in place as a quick action? I will need to look into it more and figure out how to use that feature. Thanks again!

Another possibility:
Use the Convert Tag -> Tag menu (or press ALT + 5)
As Field enter whatever tag you want to change.
In your example it would be ARTIST (#2)

As Format string you can use this formula
$replace(%ARTIST%,OldString #3,NewString #4)
for your example
$replace(%ARTIST%,Ty dolla Sign,Ty Dolla $ign)

Please note, that this kind of search/replace is case-sensitive.
An occurence of Ty Dolla sign would not be replaced with the above search string Ty dolla Sign

This possibility has the advantage that you can see an immediate Preview (#5) for your search/replace. If the preview shows the expected result, you can press the OK button.


This works best, if you apply it to an entire album or artist collection, where you are sure that the searched string should occur.
I would NOT recommend it to apply on your entire music collection (without prior filtering or selecting the tracks you want to change).

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Thank you for taking the time to send this recommendation to me. Very helpful indeed.

DJ Tommy T

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