Fast refresh


It would be nice to have a Fast Refresh command that refreshes only the tags of only the files currently in the tracklist pane. I.e. does not change the file list (retains additions, deletions, ordering etc.), nor the tags of files not showing in the tracklist e.g. filtered out.

Useful for those like me using filter and/or list deletions to work on large directories that take a long time to full refresh.

Then (and perhaps anyay) maybe Refresh would be best renamed Reload.

By the way, the Help for Refresh needs updating (since Add Directory etc.) given the source fileset is no longer necessarily equal to the current directory.


What about Ctrl+T ?


... is good for what it is designed for, but not equivalent to Fast Refresh e.g. impinges on the selection state and its refresh doesn't respect the filter. However parhaps the proximity does make Fast Refresh addition uneconomic...