Favorite Actions & or Custom Fields

What are some of your most useful / favorite actions, fields or even custom fields that you couldn't do without?

Personally: I have two favorites

  1. I have a custom field I call "ID" this field is a short string Ex: (JR) , (RMX1) , OR (NUKE) these short strings get added to the end of the songs filename.

I then have another application on my PC & on my android phone that sort my music into folders automatically by those short strings.

I tag em, copy them to my phone & hit sort DONE & DONE

(Applications used are RoboBasket & Macrodroid)

  1. I have 8 custom fields for tagging playlists...let me land

The 1st one is an entry filed we'll circle back to that in a second.

The next 6 fileds are dropdowns with names of each of my playlists. (Mostly for tagging 1 song at a time)

The last one is a holding field which will list all the playlists any song is on by concatenating the 6 aforementioned fields

Now lets say i want to add 30 songs to a new playlist I'd select them all then in the 1st field (the entry field) i put the new playlist im adding the songs to. Through some mp3tag magic whatever i put into the entry field is placed into 1 of the 6 slots I have alloted for playlists. It finds the first open slot as not to overwrite any other playlists.

Now the final field is just a long list of all the Playlist names (i dont have this visible in my tag pannel but the column is visible on the right). So i use a search function ( Playlist HAS "Whatever Playlist im looking for" )

  • I can easily find all the songs for any given playlist
  • I can easily tag songs in batch to create playlists
  • I can also use this final field with the new generate playlists action

Why bother with all this playlist tagging?
I name files with "Title - Artist ID"

Once in a while I create a new "ID" or folder to accommodate a new pattern or subset in my music & occasionally I mispell the artist name or the title which means my filename changes & then my playlists break & have to be remade which sucks. This is my way of getting around that.

With that said im curious as to what crazy ideas & implementations you all have come up with...hit me!

The best fields i ever came up with are
%artistfile% %albumfile% and %titlefile%

I have a large actiongroup called filetags that i run over every new piece of music i get. besides basic cleanup like trim etc., it copies title, album and artist over to their respective *file fields, replaces all sorts of characters in *file with more system friendly variants, and in case of some very long albums/titles outright replaces them with shortened versions.

The file tags are used to create the filenames and paths and stay in there to tell my music player (foobar) and mp3tag where the audio and the asociated files are:

Musik//Musik//%artistfile%//%year% ~ %albumfile%//$num(%track%,2) ~ %titlefile%.flac
Musik//Cover//%artistfile%//%year% ~ %albumfile%//cover.png-or-jpg
Musik//Lyrics//%artistfile%//%year% ~ %albumfile%//$num(%track%,2) ~ %titlefile%.lrc

The benefits are:
I can have all sorts of unicode characters and the full album and song names even for excessively long titles in the standard tags, without them interfering with the (nice and short) filenames.
It is very simple to point foobar to the album art, band logo and lyrics files.
If i want to copy stuff to a flac capable device without screen, i can simply copypaste from my archive without having to deal with some cover or folder images or lrc files.
If i copy to a device that needs to have the cover art in the same folder as the audio files i can simply copy from one folder than from the other and everything gets nicely placed together. Same with lrc files.
if i need to convert to some lossy file and embed art and or lyrics in it, i can still tell mp3tag where to find those, no matter how the newly crated files are named or where they are.

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You have inspired me to create my own artist file & title file tags to shorten filenames & It's so satisfying. Many of my filenames were ridiculously long, using just Title & Artist alone made many filenames what i call "noodles".

Since ID3 days, I've always had an issue with mish-mashing original release data & the medium I ripped (or acquired) the digital file from: Dates, Record Labels, Catalog Numbers, and Release Country.

I re-ripped to FLAC, and set up custom tags for

  • Original Release Title

  • Original Release Date

  • Original Record Label

  • Original Catalog Number

  • Original Country

  • Original Source

  • CD (or download) Release Title

  • Release Date

  • Record Label

  • Catalog Number

  • Release Country

All which branch off of two specific tags: Track Title & Version (Studio, Demo, Live, Field, Home, Edit, Remix, Remastered, et al.).

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