FE - change font size in main listing

howdy y'all,

i hope i'm just overlooking things, but it seems there is no way to increase the size of the text in the main listing area of mp3tag. i am one of those nearly blind folks who increase the font size when it can be done. for instance, i am looking at this forum with the font size set to 130% and that is just barely readable for me. [grin]

is there a way to change the font size in mp3tag? i'm running version 2.39 and have not found any such ability.

if there is no such thing - yet - then i am hereby requesting it.

even in thunderbird, i use css to bump the text size in the main msg list area. yes, i am "hard-of-seeing".

take care,

I think Mp3tag uses whatever setting is set in the Windows Display applet which controls all applications' font sizes, types and colors.

howdy Sebastian Mares,

yes, mp3tag does just that. however, i know that programs can individually control the font settings and would like a way to make mp3tag display things at a size that is comfy for me without mucking with the system settings.

i like the detail that's available with hi-rez, but dislike the tiny fonts. [grin] thankfully, many programs do have their own font size adjustments.

i'm hoping that the programmer will consider - and implement - such an ability.

take care,

I would like to be able to change the font size also! Please consider this.