Feature: A way to improve readability of long strings in the file list

I use one column to show me the complete path of the files using "%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%". I need this column in the list for sorting and also so I don't loose the orientation in a long list of files.

But unfortunately the path string can get very long, too long sometimes so that the last part of the string which also happens to be the most important part is hidden. On the other hand It would also be handy make the column significantly smaller to see the rest of the coloumns.

Because although I have a widescreen monitor and the tag panel is at the top instead of being at the right/left side, it is often not enough for all my columns.

So I thought of a way to make the "Full path" column smaller without hiding the most significant parts of the string.

The justification and the placement of "..." that indicate a cut-off string from view, must be mirrored. So the last character of the filename's extension will be the last thing to disappear when making the coloumn smaller and smaller. The first characters to disappear would be at the beginning of the string, in other words the least significant part of the string (i.e. the drive letter and the parent directories where my music files reside) instead.