Feature for Tag Panel: Custom Lists Suggestion

I think it would be fairly easy to add a custom list similar to how (custom) genre works in the app through the use of ini file.

In this particular instance I use genre and composer most often (my library consists of around 50-100k tracks (whether you count multitrack files separately). The developer could place an ini file similar to genre.ini mapped to customfield/fieldname.ini or whatever and if it exists load that data. Yes I know that it seems somewhat trivial but I have 864 (dedicated ie. not counting compilation albums) folders which correspond to roughly that many composers. If we break away from classical music this amount could be insane.

Hindemith Paul=
Beethoven Ludvig van blah blah=
Mozart, Wolfganger=
Mozart, Leopold (no one cares)=

How much use could we get out of this expansion? Little perhaps, but it would be super convenient in lieu of a history of inputs for that field (which could be quite memory intensive depending on the size of the field). Thanks for listening.

See here:

Buddy that topic was addressed 11 years ago, since then mp3tag has added history on multiple inputs and greatly expanded it's existing codebase. All this topic intended to do was to suggest how the feature could be implemented using an existing structure. You don't need the inline program settings editor for genre though I'm sure that could be added as the parser for that cuts the ini by =\n, allows for editting and then reassembles it into genre.ini if it changed. You don't even need to account for newline's as presumably a composer field (like a name or album shouldn't have such characters and if necessary run a parser to replace =\n with whatever and move on.)

In lieu of a github style fork, at the very least I thought I could contribute my thoughts on a potential feature which is why it's a feature suggestion and not a support topic about why the program doesn't already include that. It was 'somewhat' necessary to add it for genre that it got implemented. Perhaps it could also be implemented for composer, if even as a niche feature that 1% of 1% would use.

Exactly, and the forum guide lines kindly ask to use the search function prior to starting a new topic. So it would have been easy to just continue that already existing topic.
The advice

would then still be: use a set of "Format value" actions. This advice has not changed over the years.
As you can create sub-menus using the # as separator, you can even give the action menu a structure.

Just for completion and to close this topic: this has been added as Custom List Values with Mp3tag v3.18.