Feature i'd like : add favorite flag to metatada

here a feature i wish to pay for (i already make a donation but i'd like give more for this feature).

in the window which displays all the metadata, there are always some crappies matadata i need to delete (because my file are from very various old source since 1998...from everywhere every hand every difigtal e-market too).
And of course, there is the main major metadata.

well, i'd like a to add in front of each fiels a flag to say:

  • my favourite, always keep it please, sort it in top position of the list
  • a bad one, to delete, background color in red,sort it in bottom of the list.

of course, mp3tag need to memorize my choice to reuse them in next cases.

And in the right side of the list, i'd like another button to delete all the bad metadata i already flag.

Also, in this dialog box, i need here only a option to DONOT change the date of the file when i remove a metadata. (i know there's such option elswhere, but here i do not want to change the date).

As i need to clean each folder (i can afford to make a global operation), i really like that kind of feature.it is a gain of time for me.

i hope my explications was clear.

have a good day

You could run an action to delete all fields except your favourite ones.
see e.g. the help: Remove Fields Except – Mp3tag Documentation

With this action you would not need any colouring scheme as you would never see