Feature ideas from a newbie

A great program. A few thoughts from a newbie...

  1. Add a configuration option to enable or disable MP3TAG in the explorer shell (right-click context menu) rather than requiring a reinstall.

  2. As a newbie, I had a problem understanding the intention of one of the dialog boxes ...

The first time I selected New from the Convert/Actions box, the window that came up gave me no clue on how to select an action - It was not clear that this is just the dialog box for NAMING the action and the next box would show me the list of available actions.

Suggest that rather than just saying "New" above the fill-in box, say something like "name of new action."

  1. For those (few?) users who like to load their entire library into MP3TAG, have the program maintain a database file of tag information including filenames and dates so that it can just update changed or added files rather than rebuilding the entire list.

supported. i once had requested this option before but was rejected, instead the author suggested me to reinstall mp3tag