FEATURE: keep original file datetime

MP3Tag is awesome, and this is the only feature I need: to keep original file date (e.g. not to modify it when changing tags/cover)

Reason is, I usually sort music in folders by file date, and changing tags breaks the time sort.

Anyone else needs this?

I downloaded latest version minutes ago, and I tested it - it does keep file dates intact... but only when you change the tags/filename...

It seems that it doesn't work if you modify the cover image...

Are you talking about the date_time of the creation of the file or the date_time of the last change?

Did you enable Tools -> Options -> T gs -> Preserve file modification time ... ?

I completely missed this option, thanks a bunch.

Does it keep the file date even if I change the album art?

Try it out for yourself.

Create a column in Mp3tag listview.
Name: File Mod DT
Value: %_file_mod_datetime%
SortBy: %_file_mod_datetime_raw%
Numerical: on