FEATURE: R-Click on single file in Windows Explorer - open & auto-focus


It would be nice if when opening a single file by right-clicking on it in Windows Explorer, the program would automatically focus on it and read the tag. I'm sure that 99 out of 100 would r-click on a file and open MP3Tag with intention to view/edit the tag.

This would eliminate one extra click and mouse movements to point to the file in the list. This could even be extended to an option of whether to always select file(s) when right-clicking on the in the Explorer.

Actually, I just realized that hitting Arrow Down key immediately after program opening does the trick but it's not intuitive of course.

The option already exists.
Select Files automatically

Thanks! I didn't realize this.

I would change my request then to have this option ON by default, at least for new installations. I cannot imagine many cases where it would be counter productive.