[Feature Req.] Add to Cover "Right-Click" Menu option to "Replace" Image with one in Clipboard

So, you have an image you have "copied", you right-click the image you want to replace, and then select "Replace cover", and that image is replaced by the new image, having the same parameters as the original image, i.e. the same position and Cover Type (aka classification, Front Cover, Artist, etc.).

Why is this useful? First, it's much faster to replace existing images with new ones whether new or edited.

Second, when having more than one image it stops having to cut your other images, then pasting them back, and then having to "reclassify" them again, all to put the Front Cover for example back in the #1 Position, making it "primary" again. This would especially likely become a nightmare if a person has "more" than "two" images in the file.

Currently when we "Add Cover" or "Paste cover" it becomes an additional image and all images become out of order.