[Feature Req.] Hide Menu Icons


I'm missing an option to hide the icons in main and context menu.

You mean View -> Toolbar?

Or the single icons in the drop down and context menu in front of the menu text?
(And why whould you want to hide them?)

Not the toolbar icons, only the icons left of the menu text.
I want to hide them, because they look ugly especially on dark background.

Please refer to the help

which lists the keyboard shortcuts.
Using those avoids to open the menus.

I am not sure about the strategy to accuse other creative people to publish something

if the idea is to get them to do a favour, esp. when beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you ask this on every other forum where some free software is offered?

Is this your way to offer new icons for free in your next answer?

No. It's a simple request. Libre Office e.g. has this option, so why not Mp3tag?